Why ask Sideways10up to brand your email?

• Rapid turnaround time
• Industry leading skill and experience
• Customer focused team
• Insightful reporting
• No long term contracts
• Provides value with no strings attached
• We become an extension of your marketing team

What is email branding?

What is email branding?
Each of your employees are generating at least 30 emails each day from their company mailbox. Some of these mails go to prospects, some get sent to existing customers and others to your VIP customers. Whether the mail stays internal, from one employee to another, or one of your sales agents is sending out a meeting request to a prospect, or a call centre agent is providing feedback to an existing customer. Email continues to be the most used business tool in the world – yet it is one of the most underutilised.

Email branding is the concept of applying meaningful visual elements to your email. Broken down in to 3 major elements; Banners, Signatures and Disclaimers.

Why brand your company’s email?

• Extend your integrated marketing message by branding your email
• Track and measure the results
• Multiple targeted campaigns
• Standardise and control your corporate image from one central interface
• No additional software required no mail delay or extra point of failure
• Creates loyalty and trust, with your current customers as well as new prospects
• Grow your database
• Generate sales leads
• Conduct real-time customer satisfaction surveys
• Drive traffic to your website
• Increase your social media following
• Divert call volumes to self-help portals or instantly answer FAQ’s
• Strengthens your brand and corporate identity
• Educate employees, instill core values and company ethos while keeping employees engaged and informed
• Showcase accreditation’s and awards
• Increase your cross selling success

Email Branding