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What is email branding?
Each of your employees are generating at least 30 emails each day from their company mailbox. Some of these mails go to prospects, some get sent to existing customers and others to your VIP customers. Whether the mail stays internal, from one employee to another, or one of your sales agents is sending out a meeting request to a prospect, or a call centre agent is providing feedback to an existing customer. Email continues to be the most used business tool in the world – yet it is one of the most underutilised.

Email branding is the concept of applying meaningful visual elements to your email. Broken down in to 3 major elements; Banners, Signatures and Disclaimers.

Email Branding

Communication Automation

Communication automation should form part of your digital communication strategy with the objective of significantly saving time. Automated communication can be configured as a trigger to send information back to the initial recipient or funnel information to your CRM or individual staff members. Automated mailers are great for call center automation, lead nurturing or can form part of an event management solutions.

All businesses have different needs and function differently. We tailor our existing solutions or create brand new solutions based on your needs. Combining the powerful, dynamic integration of your social media, web and email solutions into one holistic campaign

Specialised campaigns

360˚ Social Media

Need to promote your brand, product or service on the various social media platforms?
Benefits: The ability to communicate to existing customers, assists you in finding new customers through intuitive campaigns, internally communicate to your staff.
Application: From conception to implementation of strategy we manage the entire process on your behalf.

Utilized correctly dynamic content can be a very powerful component of segmenting and targeting recipients, increasing engagement by making sure the content stays relevant to the recipient without sending multiple mails.

Dynamic Content

Digital Publications

Creating a single glossy and trackable digital component showcasing the value of your product and brand. Benefits include using the publication as an extension of your website and quicker viewing time compared to downloading large PDF’s. Each article can be individually tracked which allows you to rate each articles readership and popularity.

This unique tool is custom developed to ensure the digital document has been read and the appropriate action has been taken by the recipient. 
Benefits are: Track delivery of the mail or document, Track opened mail, Track that the document has been read.
Applications: Delivering membership certificates, Delivering any unique documents, Policy information, Entry tickets to events

Digital Document Delivery

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