About Us

SIDEWAYS10UP (S10U) specialises in marketing and communication solutions.

The team has over 28 years of digital experience. This specialised experience allows us to create internal and external communication strategies and create new or improve on your existing communication efforts. Our reporting system tracks campaigns from execution to completion across all channels, with the objective to establish reach and engagement on the specified elements to measure adoption, traffic and activity. This data allows us to compare campaigns and channels to ensure that necessary recommendations are made to improve or alter strategies that will align with your desired results.

Our strategic and creative teams bring experience and a unique perspective to your business with bespoke solutions based on your goals.


We believe that only when growing your database sideways can your business then go up.

“By focusing on getting to know my customers and turning my database into a preference centre, S10U got me much closer to a sustainable Single Customer View”


We are dedicated to every client’s success, we exploit innovations that creates value and opportunity for our customers.

We create a rewarding work environment and value and respect new ideas, hard work, skills and the expert opinions of our staff.


To provide superior services that clients love to recommend.